Overview of traders Global Maxis

Global Maxis (globalmaxis.com) is a credible Forex broker offering attractive trading instruments at an affordable price. Global Maxis is also offering members credit up to 100% of the first deposit of trading. Members of this platform are already crediting their success to this platform. Thanks to having an experienced team behind it, investors can invest with a credible broker. Read this genuine and honest Global Maxis Review and find out more.

With Global Maxis, investors are signing up with a reliable European broker who guarantees safety of funds. Another advantage of signing up with this broker is they are regulated by international securities commissions. This means your assets are kept safe and secure from any unforeseen developments. With a user friendly website, members are able to get all details easily and fast. Thanks to a well- designed website, you can sign up in a matter of minutes and start trading.

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Once you check most online reviews, you will be satisfied with the ratings of this broker. Most members are happy with how they were treated by the broker. Customer support is available all throughout. You don’t need to face any trading problems on your own; members have experts by their side. When you sign up with Global Maxis, expect to trade with more than 250 trading instruments. They include Crypto, Forex, Indices, raw materials, and stock products. You have access to leading trading commodities the market has to offer.

About Global Maxis

Global Maxis is a CFDs and Forex provider with a solid background and reputation. Thanks to having experienced brokers, members are left satisfied with this broker. With almost a rating of over 9 stars by online traders, Global Maxis is one of the trusted brokers. PRBS Gestion Group LLC is the company behind this platform. The mother company is dully registered with the registration number being 136 LLC 2019. We confirmed the registration using the company register. Satisfied with their details, we decided to open an account and see how the platform works.

Account Opening

Opening an account with Global Maxis is easy and quick. Users have to simply fill out a form within five minutes or less. You are required to give your email address, password for the account, and your full names. Members have to disclose their country as well as give out their phone numbers for account verification. Once you sign up, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions used on this platform. And this is the first step in gaining access to a lucrative trading platform full of professional brokers.

Demo Account

Global Maxis is offering users with a demo account to test how their platform works. A demo account gives users a chance to test how well the platform works. With a demo account, users get over 150 currency pairs, commodity trading using Gold, Brent, WTI, and others. A demo account also gives users over 35 major indexes and stocks of 65 fast growing companies. With the demo account, you will get to test how fast the platform works as well as analysis offed.

Are funds safe with Global Maxis?

Thanks to strict guidelines, the site is SSL Encrypted and listed as a trusted broker. Negative balance protection is also available as well as protection of open lots. Crypto trading is also safe as they have used Blockchain transaction encryption on this platform. Global Maxis has also meet international safety standards making it a secure platform. DDoS encryption is also available when transferring funds.

Benefits of trading with Global Maxis

You can get a personal analyst to help you gain control of your trading. Global Maxis also gives traders a chance of having narrow spreads from 0 pips. You will also get the highest speed of operation from this platform. Another strong advantage is having multi-currency accounts such as EUR, USD, PLN, BTC, and RUB. Members can also get micro accounts with a minimum lot of 0.1. You will also get 24/7 support and quick help if you get stuck somewhere. These are just a few benefits of trading with Global Maxis.

Deposit and withdrawal

With Global Maxis, members get instant deposit and withdrawal of funds. Replenishing accounts is through a reliable and secure system. You can use any of your credit/debit cards to fund accounts. Some of the withdrawal options include bank transfer, MasterCard, Skrill, WebMoney, Visa, and others. Members trade knowing there are no hassles when it comes to withdrawing funds.

Contract Agreement

As a way of ensuring all parties follow set industry rules and regulations, Global Maxis ensures contracts are followed. Users can easily check the agreement’s page and read the terms and conditions required. Some of the agreements include Customer policy, limitation of liability, refund policy, and license. We checked and believe the terns are ideal and follow set industry regulations and rules.

How to make contact?

Members are guaranteed of a professional technical support team which works 24/7. Globalmaxis is backed with over 800 technical support staff and has more than 20 offices across Europe. When it comes to analytics, this platform has over 460 experienced analysts working for members. Feel free to contact them using phone calls, email, or visit any of their offices. Any questions sent via email are responded within a working day. And this makes communication effective and transparent.

Minimum Deposit

The acceptable minimum deposit with this broker is $250. And this is in line with the industry set acceptable minimum deposit which is the same price. Investors are free to go higher with deposits of $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000. Deal closing time is set at a day, a week, or a month. They also have a much higher risk than longer transactions.


Free training is available for newbie traders as they can use materials and video courses online. Each client is provides with a professional analyst who helps with the day to day trading. You will also receive trading signals for the most profitable transactions. The platform is offering a free training course and we believe is ideal for newbie investors and traders.

Is Global Maxis legit?

Thanks to their transparency, members trade knowing their funds are safe at all times. With the company being dully registered, investors can trade knowing they are in capable hands. A true broker will ensure they are easily accessible at all times. Once you call them, the help desk will try their best to answer your queries. With a reasonable platform, trading becomes easy and fun for expert and newbie traders.


We are satisfied with how Global Maxis offers their services to investors. We highly recommend this broker to anyone who wants to start earning funds.

Wishing all investors a happy and prosperous trading period.

Esma Alnıaçık
Good broker sometimes proven 🙂
Carla Ibañez
Good morning, I trade with this 5 million broker, I am very happy, yesterday my a***ityk helped me to open trades and today I already have a good plus on my account. In 3 weeks I have completely recovered my investment and now I earn clean money. I recommend everyone, it is probably one of the best brokers in the EU.
Ömür Abadan
It's okay, but kind of a top***y. Not even the slightest commission. At least they pay out the money like it should be 🙂.
Levi Hjelle
I took a risk, set up a Plus account, and within a few days, I raised over $1,000 to make up for the loss with another fraudulent broker who had not paid me anything. I did it, and I'm a little positive. An important account needs to be verified, so the data must be real if the money is to be transferred.
Matilde Cardoso
You can solve all your financial problems. Thank you! I bought a car with my husband, thank you a***ityk)
Hudson Taylor
Hello, everybody. I'd like to give you my opinion on the Globalmaxis broker. I've been working with them for a year. At first I wanted to work with a robot. But a***ityk advised me to try it with him and I don't regret it. My dream came true; in six months I bought a brand new Audi A6. With the Global Maxis I changed my mind, now I can honestly say that trading is in everyone's power. Work and earn money. Good luck to all
Logan Barnaby
🙂 Great Broker!!! I opened a gold account $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Hugo Johnson
He has been working with this company since August, at first I didn't believe in the stock market. I started working in the foreign exchange market, I earned really little, but I was ahead. And I liked it very much, after some time I decided to invest, and it was enjoyable with the best investments of my life, I started to withdraw from the stock market with 5 k$m. Now my A***itian helps me and we trade together.
Anneke Staab
I work with this broker, everything is fine, everything is paid for a penny. I recommend
Logan Chow
The company has changed my life in a better direction. Hanz Razwodowskij is my guardian, who makes my dream come true. I love you very much, Hanz 🙂
Kelly da Luz
I'll say one more word to the brokers. In fact, after a long conversation you can say that of all brokers Global Maxis is positively outdated among all brokers. At the end of May they had a two day collapse, after which some people suffered losses. Including myself. After a few days of email exchange, they returned the money, they added the amount of money to my account, which was about 30% of the lost money.

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